Snow Guard Inventory Surplus Sale

Take advantage of our lowest pricing on in-stock models while we are liquidating our surplus inventory.  Available products include several styles of Metal and Polycarbonate Snow Guards. Items sold on a 1st come 1st serve basis, so please call to place your order today!

Half Carat Metal

(Height: 3 1/4″ x Width: 2″ x Depth: 6 1/4″)

DiscountPhotoItem CodeDescriptionManufacturer & ColorQuantity
Call for PriceHC-002Half-CaratBerridge - Hemlock Green74
Call for PriceHC-005Half-CaratBerridge - Teal Green87
Call for PriceHC-006Half-CaratBerridge - Hartford Green92
Call for PriceHC-007Half-CaratBerridge - Colonial Red18
Call for PriceHC-007 (6")Half-Carat w/ 6" TabBerridge - Colonial Red53
Call for PriceHC-008Half-CaratBerridge - Deep Red89
Call for PriceHC-009 (4")Half-Carat w/ 4" TabBerridge - Charcoal Grey48
Call for PriceHC-010 (6")Half-Carat w/ 6" TabBerridge - Zinc Gray5
Call for PriceHC-011Half-CaratBerridge - Royal Blue193
Call for PriceHC-013Half-CaratBerridge - Sierra Tan174
Call for PriceHC-015Half-CaratBerridge - Copper Cote141
Call for PriceHC-016Half-CaratBerridge - Medium Bronze35
Call for PriceHC-024Half CaratBerridge - Matte Black10
Call for PriceHC-024-AL (7") w/ 2 HolesHalf-Carat w/ 7" Tab & 2 HolesPac-Clad - Matte Black50
Call for PriceHC-028Half-CaratBerridge - Champagne42
Call for PriceHC-030Half-CaratUna Clad - Dark Ivy118
Call for PriceHC-033Half-CaratUna Clad - Slate Grey9
Call for PriceHC-034Half-CaratFirestone - Regal Red185
Call for PriceHC-038Half-CaratMcElroy - Light Stone199
Call for PriceHC-072-FS ALHalf-CaratFirestone Sherwood Green24
Call for PriceHC-519Half-CaratATAS - Boysenberry227
Call for PriceHC-520Half-CaratC Products Musket Brown41
Call for PriceHC-521Half-CaratFirestone - Electric Blue50
Call for PriceHC-524Half-CaratIntegris - Seaport Green250
Call for PriceHC-525Half-CaratBerridge - Satin Finish Galvalume114
Call for PriceHC-540 (13")Half-Carat w/ 13" TabPac Clad - Musket Gray7
Call for PriceHC-543Half-CaratIdeal Roofing - Winter Green74
Call for PriceHC-546Half-CaratDrexel Metals - Everglade Moss100
Call for PriceHC-557Half-CaratBright Harvard Champagne154
Call for PriceHC-LCC (4")Half-Carat w/ 4" TabLead-Coated Copper38
Call for PriceHC-LCC (6")Half-Carat w/ 6" TabLead-Coated Copper26
Call for PriceHC-LCC (12")Half-Carat w/ 12" TabLead-Coated Copper66

Original Metal

(Height: 2 1/2″ x Width: 3 1/2″ x Depth: 3 1/2″)

DiscountPhotoItem CodeDescriptionManufacturer & ColorQuantity
Call for PriceOM-006 W/HOriginal Metal w/ HolesBerridge - Hartford Green6
Call for PriceOM-007 (12")Original Metal w/ 12" TabBerridge - Colonial Red23
Call for PriceOM-009-BEROriginal MetalBerridge - Charcoal Grey6
Call for PriceOM-009-PETOriginal MetalPeterson - Charcoal Grey13
Call for PriceOM-011Original MetalBerridge - Royal Blue10
Call for PriceOM-013 (6")Original Metal w/ 6" TabBerridge - Sierra Tan9
Call for PriceOM-016-FS-AL (6")Original Metal w/ 6" TabBerridge - Medium Bronze105
Call for PriceOM-040Original MetalBerridge - Antique Copper Cote11
Call for PriceOM-094Original MetalBerridge - Burgundy127
Call for PriceOM-521Original MetalFirestone - Electric Blue41
Call for PriceOM-534Original MetalVic West - Burgundy50
Call for PriceOM-541Original MetalW Cor. Vintage Burgundy26
Call for PriceOM-574Original MetalFabral - St. Joes Blue28

Junior Polycarbonate Snow Guard

(Height: 3 1/4″ x Width: 2″ x Depth: 6 1/4″)

DiscountPhotoItem CodeDescriptionManufacturer & ColorQuantity
Call for PriceSGJ-003Sno-Gem JR.Berridge - Forest Green45
Call for PriceSGJ-004Sno-Gem JR.Berridge - Patina Green200
Call for PriceSGJ-005-TSno-Gem JR. w/ TapeBerridge - Teal Green111
Call for PriceSGJ-006-TSno-Gem JR. w/TapeBerridge - Hartford Green38
Call for PriceSGJ-008Sno-Gem JR.Berridge - Deep Red87
Call for PriceSGJ-009-1.5"Sno-Gem JR. 1.5"Berridge - Charcoal Gray33
Call for PriceSGJ-011Sno-Gem JR.Berridge - Royal Blue120
Call for PriceSGJ-012Sno-Gem JR.Berridge - Bristol Blue130
Call for PriceSGJ-012-TSno-Gem JR. w/ TapeBerridge - Bristol Blue82
Call for PriceSGJ-013-TSno-Gem JR. w/TapeBerridge Sierra Tan5
Call for PriceSGJ-014Sno-Gem JR.Berridge - Lead Cote60
Call for PriceSGJ-014-TSno-Gem JR. w/TapeBerridge - Lead Cote64
Call for PriceSGJ-016Sno-Gem JR.Berridge - Medium Bronze80
Call for PriceSGJ-016-1.5"Sno-Gem JR. 1.5"Berridge - Medium Bronze47
Call for PriceSGJ-017Sno-Gem JR.Berridge Copper Brown12
Call for PriceSGJ-018Sno-Gem JR.Berridge - Dark Bronze10
Call for PriceSGJ-019-TSno-Gem JR. w/ TapeBerridge - Pre-Wthd Glv243
Call for PriceSGJ-022Sno-Gem JR.Berridge - Buckskin Brown55
Call for PriceSGJ-023-TSno-Gem JR. w/TapeBerridge - Terra Cotta44
Call for Price SGJ-024Sno-Gem JR.Berridge - Matt Black91
Call for Price SGJ-024-1.5"Sno-Gem JR. 1.5"Berridge - Matt Black9
Call for PriceSGJ-025Sno-Gem JR.Berridge - Shasta White10
Call for PriceSGJ-026-TSno-Gem JR. w/ TapePac-Clad - Bone White92
Call for PriceSGJ-027-TSno-Gem JR. w/ TapeBerridge - Zinc-Cote99
Call for PriceSGJ-028-TSno-Gem JR. w/ TapeBerridge - Champaign207
Call for PriceSGJ-029Sno-Gem JR.Berridge - Parchment77
Call for PriceSGJ-029-TSno-Gem JR. w/ TapeBerridge - Parchment53
Call for PriceSGJ-030-TSno-Gem JR. w/ TapeFirestone - Dark Ivy140
Call for PriceSGJ-037-TSno-Gem JR. w/ TapeDMI - Patina Copper58
Call for PriceSGJ-038Sno-Gem JR.Berridge - Almond16
Call for PriceSGJ-071-TSno-Gem JR. w/ TapeSheffield Metals - Solar White36
Call for PriceSGJ-078-1.5"Sno-Gem JR. 1.5"Firestone - Patina Green109
Call for PriceSGJ-079Sno-Gem JR.Am. Bldg. Co. - Pearl Gray30
Call for PriceSGJ-089Sno-Gem JR.Custom - Airport Gray54
Call for PriceSGJ-089-TSno-Gem JR. w/ TapeCustom - Airport Gray99
Call for PriceSGJ-092-TSno-Gem JR. w/ TapeAged Copper100
Call for PriceSGJ-094Sno-Gem JR.ATAS - Boysenberry40
Call for PriceSGJ-094-1.5"Sno-Gem JR. 1.5"ATAS - Boysenberry199
Call for PriceSGJ-099-TSno-Gem JR w/ TapeMenards - Slate Blue148
Call for PriceSGJ-520-TSno-Gem JR. w/TapeMcElroy Rawhide174
Call for PriceSGJ-540-TSno-Gem JR. w/TapePac-Clad Musket Gray186
Call for PriceSGJ-542Sno-Gem JR.Clad-Tex - Sandstone/Almond168
Call for PriceSGJ-549Sno-Gem JR.Firestone - Charcoal Gray24
Call for PriceSGJ-549-1.5"Sno-Gem JR. 1.5"Firestone - Charcoal Gray22
Call for PriceSGJ-553-TSno-Gem JR. w/ TapeMBCI Rustic Red66

Original Polycarbonate Snow Guard

(Height: 3 1/4″ x Width: 5″ x Depth: 5″)

DiscountPhotoItem CodeDescriptionManufacturer & ColorQuantity
Call for PriceSGM-002-INOriginal Sno-Gem w/ Insert BaseBerridge - Hemlock Green75
Call for PriceSGM-003-5DOriginal Sno-Gem w/ 5" Retro PlateBerridge - Forest Green18
Call for PriceSGM-003-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeBerridge - Forest Green11
Call for PriceSGM-004-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemBerridge - Patina Green52
Call for PriceSGM-005-TOrginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeBerridge - Teal Green13
Call for PriceSGM-006-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemBerridge - Hartford Green9
Call for PriceSGM-006-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeBerridge - Hartford Green18
Call for PriceSGM-007-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeBerridge - Colonial Red43
Call for PriceSGM-008-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemBerridge - Deep Red5
Call for PriceSGM-013-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeBerridge - Sierra Tan47
Call for PriceSGM-014-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeBerridge - Lead Cote23
Call for PriceSGM-015-7DOriginal Sno-Gem w/ 7" Retro PlateBerridge - Copper Cote34
Call for PriceSGM-017-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemBerridge - Copper Brown38
Call for PriceSGM-017-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeBerridge - Copper Brown9
Call for PriceSGM-018-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemBerridge - Dark Bronze6
Call for PriceSGM-019-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemBerridge - Pre Weathered Galvalume11
Call for PriceSGM-019-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeBerridge - Pre Weathered Galvalume992
Call for PriceSGM-020Original Sno-GemBerridge - Atlantic Blue133
Call for PriceSGM-020-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeBerridge - Atlantic Blue92
Call for PriceSGM-022-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeBerridge - Buckskin Brown8
Call for PriceSGM-023-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemBerridge - Terra Cotta96
Call for PriceSGM-025-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemBerridge - Shasta White7
Call for PriceSGM-026-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemBerridge - Bone White90
Call for PriceSGM-027-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeBerridge - Zinc Cote7
Call for PriceSGM-028-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeBerridge - Champagne72
Call for PriceSGM-029-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeBerridge - Parchment19
Call for PriceSGM-030Original Sno-GemPac-Clad - Dark Ivy105
Call for PriceSGM-033-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeBerridge - Slate Gray21
Call for PriceSGM-035-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeAEP Span - Weathering268
Call for PriceSGM-036Original Sno-GemEnglert - Pacific Blue201
Call for PriceSGM-037-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemDMI - Patina Copper42
Call for PriceSGM-037-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeDMI - Patina Copper376
Call for PriceSGM-038-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeBerridge - Almond130
Call for PriceSGM-045-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeMBCI - Natural Patina29
Call for PriceSGM-046-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeFirestone - Extra Dark Bronze65
Call for PriceSGM-072-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemPac Clad - Forest Green79
Call for PriceSGM-072-INOriginal Sno-Gem w/ Insert BasePac Clad - Forest Green12
Call for PriceSGM-072-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapePac Clad - Forest Green8
Call for PriceSGM-073-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapePac-Clad - Arcadia Green68
Call for PriceSGM-074Original Sno-GemFirestone - Hemlock Green10
Call for PriceSGM-078-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemFirestone - Patina Green37
Call for PriceSGM-080Original Sno-Gem RawBerridge - Antique Bronze33
Call for PriceSGM-080-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeBerridge - Antique Bronze174
Call for PriceSGM-082-INOriginal Sno-Gem w/ Insert BaseVP - Patrician Bronze31
Call for PriceSGM-082-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeVP - Patrician Bronze14
Call for PriceSGM-083-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeCentria - Misty Blue97
Call for PriceSGM-086-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemUna Clad - Stone White40
Call for PriceSGM-086-INOriginal Sno-Gem w/ Insert BaseUna Clad - Stone White24
Call for PriceSGM-087Original Sno-GemABC / Nucor - Surrey Beige41
Call for PriceSGM-088-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeDexter - Blue172
Call for PriceSGM-090-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeMcElroy - Regal White10
Call for PriceSGM-092Original Sno-GemPac-Clad - Aged Copper7
Call for PriceSGM-093Original Sno-GemAtas - Rocky Grey18
Call for PriceSGM-094-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeAtlas - Boysenberry64
Call for PriceSGM-095-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapePac-Clad - Bright Silver5
Call for PriceSGM-096-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeMBCI - Spruce128
Call for PriceSGM-100Original Sno-GemVermont Blue59
Call for PriceSGM-500-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeAmetco - Sunstorm Green521
Call for PriceSGM-505Original Sno-GemCustom - Forest Green52
Call for PriceSGM-512Original Sno-GemCustom Dark Copper25
Call for PriceSGM-514Original Sno-GemAntique Patina Green297
Call for PriceSGM-514-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeAntique Patina Green99
Call for PriceSGM-516Original Sno-GemCUSTOM COLOR54
Call for PriceSGM-519Original Sno-GemLowe's Blue42
Call for PriceSGM-519-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeLowe's Blue15
Call for PriceSGM-521Original Sno-GemFirestone - Electric Blue20
Call for PriceSGM-522Original Sno-GemDesert Brown23
Call for PriceSGM-523-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeICI - Blue Forest43
Call for PriceSGM-524-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeValspar - Seal Gray19
Call for PriceSGM-525-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeCMG - Teal Patina199
Call for PriceSGM-532Original Sno-GemAtas - Antique Patina98
Call for PriceSGM-540TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapePac Clad - Musket Gray29
Call for PriceSGM-542-INOriginal Sno-Gem w/ Insert BaseClad-Tex - Sandstone/Almond126
Call for PriceSGM-542-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeClad-Tex - Sandstone/Almond2121
Call for PriceSGM-544Original Sno-GemIntegris - Pacific Blue89
Call for PriceSGM-544-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeIntegris - Pacific Blue38
Call for PriceSGM-545-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeUltra-Seam Gun Metal Gray48
Call for PriceSGM-546Original Sno-GemAEP-SPAN - Rustque275
Call for PriceSGM-551Original Sno-GemAtas - Siam Blue29
Call for PriceSGM-553-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemMBCI - Rustic Red16
Call for PriceSGM-560Original Sno-GemCarlisle - Tan136
Call for PriceSGM-561-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeCentria - Cypress Olive59
Call for PriceSGM-566-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeCentria - Champagne Pearl49
Call for PriceSGM-569-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeAztec Gold56
Call for PriceSGM-571-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemEnglert - Charcoal Gray9
Call for PriceSGM-578-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemValspar Redwood9
Call for PriceSGM-580-5DOriginal Diamond Texture Sno-GemAIM - Light Bronze53
Call for PriceSGM-581-TOriginal Sno-Gem w/ TapeValspar - Classic Metals Charcoal Gray19