Snow Guards added to Wings of Vintage Airplane

September 7, 2012

By BOB FRITTO, Partner, Design and Build with Metal

Kansas City, Missouri

Snow Guards on a building. Expected. Snow Guards on an airplane. Now that’s something you don’t find every day. But then, it’s not often you see a full-sized passenger plane mounted to the roof of a downtown building either. The plane – a restored 1943 DC-3 – was hoisted by crane on the morning of September 11, 2012, to its new steel-framed perch atop the new Roasterie Coffee production facility in downtown Kansas City, MO. It was as part of the plane’s restoration and preparation for its new permanent moorings that approximately 50 Sno Gem Original Metal snow guards, manufactured by McHenry, IL-based Sno Gem Inc., were attached to its wings. The 76′-long aircraft has a 100′ wingspan. The number of snow guards chosen and the method used to determine placement were the same as if the wings were roof segments. The guards were manufactured out of stainless steel and installed by Missouri Builders Service.

Aviation is a branding theme used by Roasterie Coffee and the use of the iconic plane on the company’s production facility – which also houses a new Roasterie Café location – is expected to boost the company’s visibility and make the facility a popular attraction. The company offers tours of the facility and offers its themed Bean Hangar space for parties, banquets and more.

Besides stainless, the Sno Gem Original Metal snow guard is available in a variety of metals, including copper, painted metal, aluminum, Galvalume-coated steel and more. The guard is 3-1/2″ wide x 3-1/2″ inches deep x 2-1/2″ tall. To learn more about the product, click here.

YouTube link of the installation steaming live:

The Roasterie Coffee Plant specializes in air-roasted coffee, green coffee beans, custom coffee blends, teas and much more. To learn more about the company and their capabilities, visit their website: