Snow Guard Selection: Great Lakes Naval Station

navel_stationSnow guards for a new parking lot control building had to meet several guidelines established by the Naval Training Station in Great Lakes, Illinois, where winter snow fall often exceeds several feet and snow guard protection is important.

The first parameter was color compatibility. The building was designed with an off-white standing seam metal roof and the snow guards had to be an exact match. Second was the strict need to maintain roofing integrity. The snow guards could not penetrate the metal roofing material. And last, the snow guards had to meet budgetary requirements.

The Sno Barricade snow guard system, manufactured by Sno Gem, Inc., was selected for the project. In addition to exactly matching the roofing color, the Sno Barricade’s patent-pending button crimper was able to tightly grip the standing seam, yet there was no penetration of the roofing material; original manufacturer integrity was maintained. Also, no adhesives were needed.

While it was not a requirement of the project, an added benefit of the Sno Barricade snow guard system was the elimination of “raw” edges or unfinished surfaces that disrupt the aesthetics of the roof line. On the building, the Sno Barricade’s appear as an engineered element of the roof.

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