Peter T. Paul Building, University of New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire 2University of New HampshireSno Gem® products can now be found on the Peter T. Paul Building at the University of New Hampshire. Eagle Rivet completed the roofing and snow retention portion of this project and installed the Sno Barricade® 3-Bar Slate/Tile Deck Mount Bar System in Brass and Half Carat Metals in Copper to give this newly constructed building an “old world” feel.  With all Sno Barricade® Systems, options include a 1, 2, or 3 bar and either 1” or 2” size bars.  Additionally, Sno Gem® offers both square and round bars for all the Sno Barricade® Systems to best match your building’s profile!

To view the embedded video that shows a time-lapse collage consisting of over 200,000 images shot from two webcams located on the roof of a nearby building, visit:  Eagle Rivet’s Website