Grandstand Roof Gets Snow Retention

November 1, 2011
By KIM FUNDINGSLAND – Staff Writer (, Minot Daily News

Up high and with a view of the city, tethered workers took advantage of nice Halloween weather Monday atop the roof of the North Dakota State Fair Grandstand.

They are doing work that should prove beneficial this winter and next spring.

“They are putting up a snow retention system,” said Renae Korslien, State Fair manager. “Last year snow came off the roof and hit the Pub. We want to make sure that won’t happen again.”

Snow and ice that tumbled off the roof last winter resulted in considerable damage to the roof of the Pub below. The Pub roof has since been fixed, but the source of the problem remained. The retention system is designed to allow snow and ice to fall from the grandstand roof, but in much smaller and less dangerous amounts than what damaged the Pub roof.

“We want to make sure we go across the whole rest of the roof, too, for safety purposes,” explained Korslien.

The retention system should insure that no further damage occurs due to snow and ice falling from the grandstand roof, hopefully eliminating any future repairs to the Pub roof or anything else below the slope of the grandstand roof.

“The Pub roof is fixed and we want it to stay like that,” said Korslien.

The 2011 North Dakota State Fair was canceled due to flood damage at the fairgrounds. The 2012 State Fair is scheduled for July 20-28.

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