Commercial Construction & Renovation Features Sno Blockade

Sno Blockade Featured in Commercial Construction & Renovation

1″ Fully Coated Sno Blockade System

Our Sno Blockade Press Release was recently featured in Commercial Construction & Renovation.  Head over to their website or read below.

Sno Gem® Inc., a cutting edge snow retention manufacturer, recently introduced the Sno Blockade™ snow retention system to provide the architectural community with another permanent and more aesthetically pleasing solution for snow and ice on standing seam metal roofing.

Sno Blockade offers a choice between a 1-inch or a 2-inch bar, available in standard mill finish aluminum material or painted in either a powder coating or Kynar finish. Sno Blockade fastens to almost any standing seam metal roofing system, employing the company’s WaveLock™ technology with three points of attachment without penetration in conjunction with the Sno Blockade clamp. Sno Blockade’s Silver Bullet set screws include a rounded “bullet” tip to maximize strength without compromising the paint finish or the material.

To reduce melting snow and ice from sliding underneath the bar of the Sno Blockade system, the company offers the Blockade Plate™, a recommended accessory installed on the upslope side of the bar. The standard Blockade Plate width is three inches, but custom sizes are available.

Sno Gem Inc. is recognized worldwide for its advanced, cutting-edge snow retention systems. Founded in 1994, Sno Gem principals have leveraged more than 100 years of combined experience in architectural sheet metal and roofing to develop highly effective and aesthetically pleasing snow guards. Making their debut in the marketplace in 2014, Sno Gem® recently added an array of solar panel and roof accessory attachments to its innovative product line. For additional details, technical questions or to get an estimate, please call 888-SNO-GEMS or visit